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Residential: As low as $300.00

Commercial:?As low as $500.00

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All inspections include the collection of two samples. In almost every case, air samples are recommended and collected by the inspector. Of the two air samples, one of them must be an outdoor control sample. This is so we can determine to what extent the outdoor air conditions affect the indoor readings.?In some cases, surface samples may also be recommended.

The inspector may recommend additional samples above the two?that are included in the base fee. It is at your sole?discretion to go ahead with additional samples, or to just stick with the two that are included. You can also ask for peace of mind samples, meaning additional samples that may not have been?suggested by the inspector.?Additional samples are priced at a flat rate which includes the sample and the laboratory fee.?No surprise charges.

Residential Pricing:?Residential Inspection

Residential refers to single family detached homes, condominium units and apartment units. The inspection of multiple units of an apartment building are considered commercial. Please see the “Commercial Pricing” section below.

  • Base Fee:?As low as $300.00 depending on the property location. Includes two samples.
  • Additional Samples: $75.00 each.

Commercial Pricing:?Larger Commercial Inspection

Commercial refers to any non residential property. This includes offices, retail stores, strip malls, warehouses, multiple units of an apartment building and other similar properties.

  • Base Fee:?As low as $500.00 depending on the property location. Includes two samples.
  • Additional Samples: $75.00 each.

Other Jobs and Special Projects:?Other Jobs and Special Projects

Other jobs and special projects refers to the inspection and testing of unusual items and spaces. This includes vehicles, antiques, food preparation equipment and more.

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What's included in the inspection?All mold inspections include the following:

  • A visit: By?a certified mold inspector from Mold Spotters to your property.
  • Collection of a back story:?The inspector will speak with individuals that are familiar with the property’s history and collect information relevant to the inspection.
  • Visual inspection:?The inspector will visually inspect readily accessible areas and look for conditions conducive to mold growth, such as evidence of past flooding, plumbing leaks, water condensation and more. The inspector will also collect humidity readings and moisture readings, looking for active water buildup behind building materials.
  • Collection of samples: The inspector will collect either air samples, surface samples or both. The samples will help determine the presence of mold and the extent of the infestation.

After the laboratory analysis of the samples is complete, your inspector will forward you the lab results, along with an easy to understand report, complete with photos and all of the inspector’s findings.

You will either be issued a clearance letter recommending no further evaluation for mold, a possible recommendation for self cleanup, or a recommendation for further evaluation by a mold remediation contractor.

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